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ONEUPMANSHIP is all about "playing the game," literally and figuratively, with guts and class. Are you dead-tired of the same-old unfun "classics", or everybody getting a participation trophy, or sophomoric card games for horrible people? And don't even mention video games, please. So we designed a grown-up board game where you can strive to be the biggest and the best; where you can play really well and still lose; where you can find out what you're made of, and it may not be pretty. Just like life. And if you find yourself acting like a "cutthroat capitalist swine" sometimes to get to the top, at least show some wit and style, while laughing all the way to the bank!

Turn your whole family into "greedy, self-serving punks."

The whole point of ONEUPMANSHIP is to have fun with your family and friends. No it's not, it's about winning — pure and simple. Just kidding! Play the game like you have a pair: Buy low, sell high. Wheel and deal. Then double deal. Live large. Lose huge. My building's bigger. 25 pushups? Boom. Boom. Boom. Trophy Wife swap, anyone? Indian Arm Wrestling... ha, piece of cake. Yikes! Bankruptcy happens. The first player to reach $100,000 without losing their shorts (so-to-speak), wins.

You can buy "quality" time. It's $39.

The Executive Package. Love. Money. Party.

This deluxe version includes 4 custom pawns, a Scarlet Letter "B" pin, and a vial of "Bitter Pills". Nice package. Wait a sec... we're also going to throw in a limited-edition "Man Up." t-shirt — a rallying cry for unfunny uncles and money-grubbing grandmas everywhere. Bring ONEUPMANSHIP to your next get-together and we guarantee you'll be the hero. Unless your friends/in-laws/loved ones are humorless losers.

Cutthroat entertainment in a big, black box: $49


"I'm just your average 21 year old, sometimes sober college student training to be a chef at the Culinary Institute of America. One of my friends recently told me about this new game he'd gotten called ONEUPMANSHIP, and how much fun it was. So one Saturday night we broke it out and played. I got the 'Knuckles' card and my hand is still killing me!" — Jonathan Ikegana, Hyde Park, NY.

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Our other party game is for people who like to steal.

First off, are you recalcitrant and brainy? Love words? Hyper-competitive? Not above a little larceny? Then you'll definitely love One Up! — it's fast, quick, hard as hell and makes a virtue of a vice that's also incredibly addictive: taking things that don't belong to you. So use the intellectual soup you've got in the kitchen, so-to-speak, to snatch other people's words with impunity – and find out oh what fun it is to win.

Larceny is lovely, smart and cheap:

Other cool stuff we make.

If you're not quite ready to play ONEUPMANSHIP, you can at least get one of our UP-i-tee shirts and look like you know what you're doing. Flavors of the month are MAN UP and CAPITALIST. Comeuppance – Just Deserts in Can is the perfect gift for anyone who's got it coming. Secret is: there's something inside but the lid is glued shut so you can never find out what it is. Ha.

Stay tuned for more excellent, genius loot.

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