Welcome to "Brains (in bulk) for Sale."

Thanks for Smartening Up! We hope you have as much fun selling our clever and original products as we've had making them — what started out as a "naive and quixotic" adventure has become, despite our sometimes laughable missteps, a successful and well-respected brand. Yikes!

One Up! Wholesale – 0-50 units $9.75; 50-500 units $9.25; 500+ units $8.75, Retail – $17.50

ONEUPMANSHIP Wholesale – $25.00, Retail – $50

NOTA BENE Oneupmanship Purveyors:

We'd like to ask you to make an investment in One Up! of at least 24 units (1 carton), and to order in multiples of 24.

The minimum number of Indian Summer DVDs you can order is 25 – so why not order a hundred, just like you would if they were donuts? Ha.

ATTENTION: Shipping rates are not included. Depending on the size of your order, carrier, destination, and speed of delivery, shipping costs will be calculated and billed separately.

All Oneupmanship products are unconditionally guaranteed — your customers can return anything at any time for a full refund of the purchase price with no questions asked, except, what the heck?

Seriously, just ring us up on (203) 451-5127, and if we're not too busy or eating lunch we'll be happy to help.

"Wit is Educated Insolence."- Aristotle