"Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a real loser."

The party game for people who like to steal.


First off, are you recalcitrant and brainy? Love words? Hyper-competitive? Not above a little larceny? Then you'll definitely love One Up! — it's fast, quick, hard as hell and makes a virtue of a vice that's also incredibly addictive: taking things that don't belong to you. So use the intellectual soup you've got in the kitchen, so-to-speak, to snatch other people's words with impunity – and find out oh what fun it is to win.

Highway robbery at only $15

How to really play the game.

We've had a number of customers tell us that the instructions on the can are lame and laughably unhelpful. We listened — believe it or not! Watch this 5-minute video and get ready to rumble:

THE KASTNER RULE: Thanks to a suggestion by our good friend Jeff Kastner, we have modified the "Uppity" Tile Rule — the Uppity Tile can still be used as any letter, but can now be changed every time the word containing it is made into a new word. Simple, and way more exciting.

Calling all cheapskates.

We are happy to introduce One Up! as a free PDF download, which includes the rules and complete construction instructions. Many vocabularians the world over have written to tell us that they just can't afford One Up!, so we decided to give everyone everywhere the means and the method to make their own. Let's call it Operation Brainstorm, and make it our mission in life to word the world up!

Here's how we did it: first we pasted the tile sheet onto a piece of black construction paper before cutting out the letters, carefully. We then spray painted an Altoids tin silver, slapped on the logo, and Bob's your uncle. Total time was less than an hour and the cost was under a buck — but the reward'll be a million hours of terrific frustration.

Stay tuned for more fun, genius loot.

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